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Contract Law for Non Contract Lawyers

More about Contract Law for Non Contract Lawyers

Build confidence around legal terminology & contractual obligations to help protect your commercial interests, assist in contract development & avoid disputes. Better equip yourself to understand the legal advice you receive, interpret it correctly & generate true value for your business Commercial arrangements sealed with signatures or handshakes are part of daily life for most professionals, across all industries and sectors. They remain good business practice because they’re built on enforceable principles of contract law. Yet with vaguely expressed contracts, unclear offers or acceptance, or even with questions of consideration or undue influence, contractual disputes are still commonplace. 

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·         Contract law as part of the law of obligations ·         An overview of the terminology used ·         The different types of contracts encountered in the South African law ·         The requirements of a valid contract ·         Void versus voidable contracts ·         Breach of contract ·         Remedies in the event of breach ·         Assessing damages ·         Termination of contracts ·         Contractual issues in an e-commerce environment ·         Interpreting common clauses normally found in contracts ·         The structure normally used to draft sound contracts


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