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Office Professionals and Communication Workshop

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The best office management and office administration professionals arent just supporting players. They add value in a way that makes them vital to an organisations success. Be the most reliable employee in your company and always ensure your office runs smoothly under your supervision and office management. From communicating on the phone to planning company events and taking meeting minutes, this office management and communications course provides a comprehensive overview of all tasks performed by an office administrator. Improve your communication skills by making appropriate and sensitive communication choices. Focused on the importance and role of the administrative function in the supply of relevant, timely and accurate information to management at all levels. The roles and responsibilities of PAs and senior administrators have moved closer to that of their managers in recent years resulting in new challenges, the adoption of some managerial tasks and increased career opportunities.

Programme Content

  •  The Principles of Management

  •  The Ins and Outs of Management

  •  Main Tasks in Management

  •  Personal Development


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