About MS Word Level 1
Word 2016 is a word processing application that allows you to create a variety of documents like letters, flyers, and reports. With the introduction of several enhanced features—including the ability to create and collaborate on documents online—Word 2016 gives you the ability to do more with your word processing projects.
Course Content
Lesson 1: Getting started with Word 2016
Lesson 2: Editing text in a Word document
Lesson 3: Modifying the appearance of a Word document
Lesson 4: Inserting special characters & graphics
Lesson 5: Organising data in tables
Lesson 6: Proofing a document
Lesson 7: Controlling the appearance of pages
Lesson 8: Printing Word documents
Lesson 9: Practical assessment

MS Word Level 1 is offered at:

Centurion (Bank Avenue) Campus

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