About Short Programme in PC Technologies A+

This course will enable the successful candidates to assemble components based on customer requirements, install, configure and maintain devices, PCs, and software for end users, understand the basics of networking and security/forensics, properly and safely diagnose, resolve and document common hardware and software issues while applying troubleshooting skills. Successful candidates will also provide appropriate customer support; understand the basics of virtualization. This course will also prepare you for both the International CompTIA A+® examinations. 

Course Content

·         The visible PC

·         Visible Windows

·         Visible Networks

·         Microprocessors

·         RAM

·         CMOS / BIOS

·         Motherboards

·         Power Supplies & Electricity

·         Hard Drive Technology

·         Partitions

·         Installing & Upgrading Windows

·         NTFS

·         Command Line Interface

·         LANS

·         Wireless Networking

·         Portable Computing

·         Printers

·         Securing Computers

·         Virtualization



Short Programme in PC Technologies A+ is offered at:

Centurion (Bank Avenue) Campus

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